Forum Rules-Please read before posting.



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    Forum Rules-Please read before posting.

    Post  S.A.R.E-Survival on Tue Oct 12, 2010 6:36 am

    The S.A.R.E Survival Admin team would like to first thank you for registering with our online community. To ensure that the forum stays safe and continues to be an enjoyable place for all of it's members, We ask that you follow the following rules & guide lines.


    Swearing WILL NOT be tolerated in any way on this forum. We have worked hard to ensure all word censors have been put in place. In the event of a member being reported for swearing. They will receive a warning. (please see warning section for more information.)


    S.A.R.E Survival has no tolerance for members who wish to bully others. If you are suspected of bullying, your account will be suspended until more information can be obtained. If you ARE found to have been bullying another member you will be removed from the Website permanently

    If in the even of an altercation, please take matters to PM (Private Message.) healthy debate and criticism is accepted in the open forum at the discretion of the moderators.

    Please be respectful of all members and their right to an opinion. S.A.R.E. Survival is a family forum and will not tolerate the following scenarios in the open forum.;

    - Witch Hunts; Several members of the forum ridiculing another in the open forum. Such matters should be taken to PM.
    - Slandering of members; ( please PM MODS or ADMIN with any complaints and it will be immediately investigated.
    - Slandering of other Forums.

    Warning Section

    Members will be warned via Private message (PM) if they have broken any of the above rules. Or, bring the forums name, or members in to disrepute.
    A member will be given three (3) warnings before being permanently removed from the forum. This gives members a fair chance to recognize the mistakes they have made, and learn from them.

    Profile Information.

    Please can members ensure that their location is filled in within their profile.

    If any member feels they are being mistreated by other members of the forum. Contact a member of the S.A.R.E team immediately. This problem will be dealt with discretely and efficiently.

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