Fires and you-Be responible.



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    Fires and you-Be responible.

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    It is always essential to gain permission before lighting a fire. You and you alone are responsible for your fire. So it's worth taking the time to seek the necessary permission and information before attempting to create one. Persons caught lighting fires without prior permission could face prosecution. We advice everyone to seek permission from their local land authority.


    When choosing an area to construct a fire. Take note of the surroundings and ask yourself the following questions;

    - The ground; Is it safe enough to use as a platform for fire? Some areas have huge underlying quantities of flammable substances like peat. A fire in such an area can cause untold damage to wildlife and vegetation and is a very real threat to life. Always be on the look out for signs if on trails. Nature Reserves will usually have their own laws towards fire implemented and if broken they can incur a huge fine.

    - Surrounding vegetation; Do not create a fire that is close to a combustible material. Remember that in areas such as large pine forests, the woodland floor will be covered with several inches of highly flammable pine needles. Lighting a fire in such an area could be a disaster and could spread underneath the surface for several hundred yards.

    - Season; The seasons can dictate where to light fires. During the hotter summer months, usually from mid-May through to mid-August, the ground and vegetation is likely to become very dry and as such could become fuel for fire. Take into account the previous points and locate your fire accordingly.

    Exstinguishing your fire.

    Apart from lighting your fire safely. This is the most important stage in the life of your fire. If left unattended, the fire could spread and once again cause damage to property, wildlife or human life. Let you fire burn down to a bed of embers, then extinguish it by pouring water over it. If this is not possible, use damp vegetation like moss to smother the fire pit. This will take away the fires ability to breath and reduce the fires heat, thus causing it to exstinguish. Never leave you fire until you are absolutely satisfied that it is no longer alight.

    Camping Stoves and Gas cookers

    If using a camping stove or gas cooker. Ensure that it has a solid base that raises it from the earth beneath it. A flat stone large enough to take the circumference of your stove is perfect and will reduce the likely hood of any accidents. Use this method and the methods above to create a safe area to use a camping or gas stove.

    When creating fire; remember that it is extremely dangerous and can cause damage to property, nature and human life. Always think before you light.

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