For Sale/Wanted Section Rules.



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    For Sale/Wanted Section Rules.

    Post  S.A.R.E-Survival on Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:42 pm

    To ensure S.A.R.E Survival reamain an enjoyable place for all it's members these rules have been created and apply only to the For Sale/Wanted Section. Posts will be deleted if they do not comply with the following;

    - Members must apply to become a "Trusted Member" before they are allowed to enter the For Sale/Wanted Section. To become a Trusted Member you will have to refer atleast ONE Forum Administrator or Moderator who can verify your sales history for us. The S.A.R.E Admin Team will then decide if you are able to become a Trusted Member. This Process takes 2-4 days. Trusted Members can be distinguished by their Green Usernames.

    - Members must state exactly what his/her advertisement includes along with the condition of item.

    - Members must state a fixed price when advertising.

    - Members must state a fixed price for postage when advertising.

    - If an item is not being posted or is too large ro post. Please state "Face to Face Deal" on your advert.

    - It is advised that members refrain from posting any personal contact details on the forum. Share only via Private Message.

    - It is advised that members post pictures with their advertisement. This may help bring a quicker sale.

    - If you are advertising on behalf of someone else. Please contact the S.A.R.E Admin team prior to posting. ALL of the S.A.R.E team will have to agree to let the sale go ahead.

    - S.A.R.E Survival will not incur the costs of goods or money lost. Nor will it be held responsible. Be aware that you are posting in this forum at your own will and at your own risk.

    These rules have been created to protect S.A.R.E Survival members and the S.A.R.E Online comunity. Please do not hesistate to contact a member of the S.A.R.E team if you have any queries.

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