The Theory of Fire.



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    The Theory of Fire.

    Post  S.A.R.E-Survival on Tue Oct 12, 2010 9:19 am

    Fire is an excothermic reaction between a fuel source and form of oxygen which creates both heat and light, for example;

    The application of heat to paper causes a chemical reaction. This reaction breaks some of the solid matter of the paper down into a gaseous oxide. This oxide, which contains oxygen aswell as other chemicals combined with heat creates a flame. (flame= Heat & Light)

    Sources of Fuel for a fire can be;

    - Gas, Liquid, Cullulose(Woods),Plastics and even metal.

    Oxygen can also appear in several different forms. These being;

    -Oxygen, Oxides, Peroxides, Nitrates, Chromates, Chlorates, Perchlorates, Hypochlorites and in several other forms after Oxdiation has taken place. These however are the most common.

    The Fire Triangle.

    The Fire Triangle is the simplest method to remember the key elements needed for combustion to take place.

    When creating fire; remember that it is extremely dangerous and can cause damage to property, nature and human life. Always think before you light.

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