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    S.A.R.E Survival - Finally online

    Post  S.A.R.E-Survival on Thu Oct 14, 2010 6:30 am

    It's taken some time but finally the S.A.R.E. Survival Forum is up and running. Keep with us whilst we carry on building the S.A.R.E online Community.
    There's going to be various competitions running over the next few weeks so make sure you are part of it.

    Once the site is finished we will also hold a monthly competition where one lucky member will win a Survival/Bushcraft prize.

    Site Features so far.;

    Each member can personalize his/her own gallery with Photos they've taken whilst out on the trail. We have also included a chat box at the bottom of the main index page where members can discuss whatever they wish.

    Over the next few weeks the S.A.R.E Online Classroom will be finished and will be available to forum members. These video's will include;

    S.A.R.E Survival - The Survivor Series: Shaun will be in the wild for 4 days demonstrating various survival and bushcraft techniques, whatever the weather maybe.
    Building vessels to gather and boil water from natural materials, Catching game and sourcing wild edibles. Demonstrating useful knots, various fire lighting techniques and much more.

    S.A.R.E Survival - Shelter Building.

    S.A.R.E Survival - Firecraft

    S.A.R.E Survival - Water sourcing and Purification methods.

    S.A.R.E Survival - Survival Foods; Wilderness foraging, Trapping methods and more.

    S.A.R.E Survival - Survival Psychology.

    This forum was created for it's members to enjoy. So please feel free to email admin if you have any problems or would like to suggest a way to improve the forum.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this notice.


    S.A.R.E Survival.

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